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district m exchange (DMX) connects publishers with premium buyers, allowing them to scale revenue, thanks to a fully transparent and efficient omnichannel programmatic ecosystem. Get access to scalable demand from thousands of brands and maximize your revenue.

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We connect buyers and sellers with our core principles of efficiency, transparency and scale.

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Our programmatic ecosystem is fully transparent, allowing you to reach millions of online consumers across all devices and formats. Our team of dedicated experts are always available.

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Bridging the gap between advertisers and publishers.

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“Since we’ve integrated touch in March, we have seen a very satisfying growth in our revenue and CPMs. Also, the positive impact of touch on our website’s user-experience is a big plus! But what we love most about our relationship with district m is that the team is always ahead of the game and proactive in offering flexible solutions that fit our needs.”


— Robin Strauss, VP of Ad Technology and Yield at Ranker

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“When looking for new partners, we always look for the best performances but also smooth working relations, which is what we get with district m.”


— Scott Wagner, VP of Revenue & Analytics, at

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“I consider district m as a real partner to our business, so I see us partnering for the long term. We always have a straight-up answer to our questions, which always makes us feel right in prioritizing our partnership with them first. We really trust everyone in the company, their opinions as well as their advice and insights.”


— Ian Hardy, Publisher and founder, MobileSyrup

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