Our purpose

The programmatic advertising industry is plagued with ad fraud and hidden costs, resulting in less ‘working media’ and less ROAS for advertisers. Our mission is to bring transparency to programmatic by offering an end-to-end ecosystem with total control and visibility over costs and fees. We want to create a programmatic world where the ‘tech tax’ is a thing of the past.  

End-to-end programmatic

With our two SaaS platforms, Go and Go+, you have access to DSPs for a set fee that doesn’t increase with ad spend. Our exchange, DMX, connects DSPs to a supply side built from direct partnerships with publishers. With a complete ecosystem, district m has control over costs and fees, making transparency a reality for programmatic advertising. 

Where it all began

For the last five years, district m has grown dramatically in the programmatic advertising space. What began in a kitchen, is now operated from our pilot office in Montreal as well as offices in Toronto, and New York. The company continues to grow with help from investments from Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Investissement Québec. district m currently employs over a hundred brilliant minds in the programmatic advertising industry. 

We are fortunate in that our growth in size was preceded by our growth in success: district m is currently one of the top ten programmatic exchanges in the world and is the fastest growing exchange in the first half of 2019.

Jean-François Côté, CEO, President & Co-Founder

Jean-François is a leader and a born innovator with over 20 years of business experience. He is the chief architect of the district m’s corporate strategy and provides leadership to sales and partnership initiatives. JF was recognized for his role in district m’s success when he was awarded EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, and a nomination at the Arista Gala in the category of Young entrepreneur: growing enterprise. Before district m, Jean-François shared his expertise with multiple companies such as Pratt & Whitney, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Yellow Pages Media—for which he co-founded the digital media division, Mediative.

Patrice Marin, Co-Founder

Patrice had been working in the media and technology industry for 10 years. He has developed an in-depth knowledge of the growing space from both the Demand and Supply side. In strategic partnership-focused role, Patrice manages the US and international markets by creating valuable partnerships with publishers, advertisers and technology platforms. His goal is to promote district m as a transparent ecosystem where advertisers can improve their performance by accessing quality inventory from publishers who utilize district m as an efficient revenue partner.

Sebastien Filion, CPO & Co-Founder

A born entrepreneur, Seb’s journey into digital and ad technology began with his first business, Monclasseur, a popular online dating website. For the next 15 years, Seb continued to build complex web tools and dashboards that helped corporations streamline processes, improve operational efficiencyand generate revenue. Seb’s background in software development and deep understanding of programmatic functionalities from the demand and supply side has supported district m in their goal to help clients yield maximum results from their advertising spend.

Dom Fortin, CTO & Co-Founder

Dom is a passionate software Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the web industry. With his unique strength in synthesizing complex ideas into simple solutions, Dom’s role as CIO is centred around leading the district m architecture and making core technologies and systems scale big and fast to achieve district m’s strategic goals. With an extensive knowledge of new technologies, Dom is a results-focused professional always in search of new innovative solutions.

Benoit Skinazi, SVP Sales & Co-Founder

Ben has been working in the digital media industry for over 10 years and has acquired a solid experience in programmatic advertising and ad operations leadership, giving him a broad understanding of the industry. As SVP Sales, Ben created and manages the sales team on the advertisers’ side and always strives to offer innovative solutions to his clients. Before district m, Ben gained his expertise with companies such as Toyota France, Cogeco Media and Mediative.

Natacha Brind’Amour, Director People

With seven years of experience in human resources, including four at Deloitte Canada, Natacha Brind’Amour has joined the district m team to help grow a successful Quebec-based company. As the head of Human Resources, Natacha works in partnership with the management team to put in place the best HR strategies to support district m in its growth. Talent acquisition, the development of employees and the implementation of a strong culture within the company is at the heart of her strategy for the year.

Luc Marsolais, SVP Business Operations

Luc’s extensive finance background and 12 years’ experience in companies such as YellowPages, AutoTrader and Mediative lead him to a senior operation management position at district m. He recently completed an MBA which has helped him acquire strong analytic skills and customer-oriented vision. Since he joined district m, Luc has successfully built a strong technical support system and since then, manages the growing CRM and yield teams.

Sean Sutcliffe, VP Business Development

Having been in the ad tech industry for almost 9 years, Sean has acquired a solid understanding of customers’ goals and of the optimal strategies to put in place to achieve them. As VP of Business Development, Sean uses an objective vision and rational thinking to drive and challenge a team focused on bringing on digital media supply partnerships.

Emil Torma, VP Programmatic Solutions

Emil has over 10 years of digital media operations experience that includes vital ad tech roles at eyeReturn, QMI, Mediacom and Shaw Media. During those years, he specialized in advertising operations, yield management and developing monetization strategies. Passionnate about technology and a solution-oriented professional, Emil oversees newly established Toronto office and manages all Canadian publisher partner operations.

LC Genest, VP Finance & Administration

LC is a Chartered Professional Accountant with a vast experience in multiple industries, such as technology, mining, retail and pharmaceutical. He previously made his mark in both privately-held and public companies and worked among a Big Four accounting firm. His result-oriented vision that led him to a position as VP of Finance & Administration, putting LC in charge of establishing a finance department along with the required systems and controls to support growth.