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18 Free and Inexpensive Ways To Generate Your Marketing Materials

By Steve Adams
Content Strategist
March 23rd, 2020

To be resilient in a poor economy, you need to maintain an online presence. Your budget may be shrinking currently, but you don’t have to give up on your online marketing altogether.  

There are numerous marketing tools that don’t cost a cent to use. Sure, they usually have paid versions that give you more options. However, the free versions often have everything you need to produce quality marketing materials and content that you can be proud of. 

The following is a list of marketing tools that are so helpful, our team uses them every day. They are also free to use so there’s nothing stopping you from trying them out. Even if you already have a marketing stack, new software and apps come out all the time. Take a look at this list to see if there’s anything that will help you engage in marketing during economic ups and downs. 


18 Free & Inexpensive Tools For Your Marketing 


Pexels (

Your website and marketing materials need high-quality images, that you have the legal right to use. Pexels is one of the best free stock-photo services around. And perhaps the best feature, you do not have to give attribution to the service or artist. No one wants that text cluttering up your home page. 

Canva (

This magical service does most of the design work for you on the vast majority of your physical and digital marketing materials. Our designers love it but told me not to say that.

Unsplash Image Finder (

Another free stock image favourite, Unsplash has a large library of high-quality images. There is no need to post some pixelated mess from a Google image search ever again. 

Social Media

Hootsuite (

Running multiple social media accounts? Manage them all from one place with Hootsuite. You can even get useful data and analytics if you pay for the full service. 


Drift Chatbot (

Connect with your website visitors with a chatbot. They are very effective at reaching out to your customers on your behalf. Chatbots can also be set up to get the right information you need from a visitor to follow up with relevant information and offers. Drift is our favourite of all the free chatbot services. 


Hubspot CRM (

A customer relationship management platform will cost you a small fortune, but fortunately, Hubspot offers a free CRM that is also easy to use. It doesn’t have the depth our customizability of something like SalesForce but its still great for smaller businesses.

Website Analysis

Hotjar (

Want deeper insights into how users are interacting with your website? Hotjar allows you to see what’s working on your site and what doesn’t. They even have a heat map to show you what’s getting lots of attention—putting the hot in Hotjar. 

Google Analytics (

Google Analytics is a must-have web analytics tool offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. As a business owner this free tool gives you endless amount of information about how your website is doing. 


Answer The Public (

Answer The Public is a platform that gives you raw insights into useful keywords or phrases your customers might be searching. Simply type in a keyword, and the tool will pull out a list of key terms or phrases related to your original search query, giving you insightful and useful content you can use throughout your copy.

Ubersuggest (

Ubersuggest helps users generate keyword ideas for their content marketing strategy. It also helps you track your daily rankings and provides you with personalized SEO suggestions to improve your website.

Google Page Speed Insights (

Simply plug in your landing page URL into the Google Page Speed Insights and the tool will give you recommendations on how to fix your site speed.

Google Search Console (

Search Console, formerly known as Google Search Console, measures your website performance and gives you tips on how you can fix your site’s performance issues.

Google Trends (

Google Trends populates the most popular search queries and topics into one platform, giving you a great view of which topics are currently trending around the world. You can easily segment your searches by geography.

Spyfu (

This tool helps you spy on how your competitors are doing on search results. Spyfy lets you see which keywords your competitors are bidding on, and how much traffic they are generating from organic and paid sources.

SEO Site Checkup (

With SEO Site Checkup, you can monitor your SEO issues, understand your competitor’s SEO profile, and generate SEO reports that will help you clean up any issues you have on your website.

Yoast SEO (

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize for keywords, index your pages, analyze the readability of your copy, and give you insights on how you can improve your content.


Mailchimp (

Mailchimp is an email marketing and marketing automation platform that allows you to send emails, build marketing flows, and ultimately grow your automation marketing strategy. (

With you can create powerful custom links, making them recognizable across all channels.

And that completes our list. These are the tools our team uses and hopefully, you will find useful as well. 

You may not have the biggest budget right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t engage in online marketing right away. Your audience is out there and you don’t necessarily need to pay for ads to get your business on their radar.

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