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A review of key marketing events in 2020

By Steve Adams
Content Strategist
January 21st, 2019

Good news everyone: all marketing knowledge and tech finalized in 2019. There is nothing left to learn and no room left to grow. Obviously this is a fantasy and continual growth in marketing knowledge is critical to thriving in this industry. 

The best way to glean knowledge from industry experts and tech leaders is to meet, greet, and catch their thoughtful talks and presentations at annual events. Luckily, there are many events to choose from that will not only enlighten marketers but occasionally entertain. 

The following is a list of key events that are happening in 2020 that marketing professionals should take advantage of. As we all know, the end of new marketing knowledge doesn’t happen until 2030. 

 Key marketing events in 2020:

Industry Preview

January 28-29, 2020

Ad Exchanger is one of the biggest publishers in ad tech and they are putting on Industry Preview––an event that is focused on marketing technology. At the show, industry thought leaders will be presenting their visions for marketing in 2020.    

What we’re looking forward to…

Martin Kihn’s (SalesForce) presentation on the role of the DMP in a cookieless world. You might say we have an invested interest. 

2020 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM) 

February 9-11, 2020

At IAB’s upcoming event, they will expose senior executes from the ad tech industry to the next wave of disruptive technologies. The stages at the event will be divided into four subjects: the future of data privacy and regulation; the future of data and automation; the video and streaming revolution, and marketing in a 5G world. 

What we’re looking forward to…

The future of data privacy and regulation track. Again, this is a subject that is very relevant to district m as a programmatic player. 

Digiday Media Buying Summit 

February 25-27, 2020

Media agencies have had a tough year with brands expressing transparency concerns and in-housing their media buying. At the Digital Media Buying Summit, speakers will be demonstrating how they’re addressing recent challenges and embracing opportunities ahead in 2020. 

 What we’re looking forward to…

Aside from the cocktail section, we’re keen on the brand safety presentation put on by a leader in brand safety. We’re always interested in learning how to better keep the internet’s bile from poisoning our precious brands. 

Cannes Lions

June 22-26, 2020

Cannes Lions brings media agencies and brands together to learn, network and celebrate the creative spirit. They also doll out a pile of coveted awards which is always entertaining. 

What we’re looking forward to…

Seeing all the inspiring ads that blend creativity with performance. 

ATS London

September 9, 2020

This event is suitable for any player in the ad tech industry. Exchangewire is putting together presentations, debates, and more featuring thought leaders in the programmatic space. 

What we’re looking forward to…

Not a lot has been disclosed yet but we’re always game for a fiery debate (watching). 




September 23-24, 2020

 An expo that highlights the future of every dimension of digital marketing for everyone involved: from marketing and media professionals to creatives and tech enthusiasts. The world’s biggest players like Google and Microsoft will be there, along with up and coming tech start-ups.

What we’re looking forward to…

There aren’t many specifics revealed yet, but quite naturally, we are looking forward to the technological innovations we can use or partner with. 

Programmatic I/O

September 29-30, 2020

Another ad exchanger event, Programmatic I/O is the largest programmatic media and marketing conference in the world. It’s a great space for every player in the programmatic ecosystem to learn a high-level and practical day-to-day understanding of programmatic products and trends in the industry.  

 What we’re looking forward to…

We’re excited to take advantage of the numerous workshops hosted at the event. The best way to learn is to do. 

AdWeek –  AWNewYork

October: 5-8

 The original Ad Week event is a blend of seminars, workshops, and entertainment from high-profile performers. It’s one of the more stimulating events of the year. It also takes place in Manhattan which  

What we’re looking forward to…

Seeing someone like Trevor Noah perform would be fantastic… along with all the great industry insights of course. 

ANA Masters of Marketing

October 20-23, 2020

 A retreat with the goal of fueling smarter marketing that drives more growth. There will be golfing, networking, coffee, presentations and more.

What we’re looking forward to…

Networking over a game of golf sounds pretty nice. 



And those are the big media events of the year to consider. Did any of them pique your interest? Some of them seem like a lot of fun and all of the encouraging growth in the field of marketing. 


For some insight now from district m, check out our eBook about the wild-west exchange––a guide to improving ad exchanges for the better of the industry as a whole. You can also check out our take on the ‘tech tax’ that haunts programmatic marketers across the globe. 


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