Boost is now DMX platform

By Vishank Goel
Wednesday, September 16th 2020

2020 has been a year of change. The pandemic changed the way people work, shop, connect, travel—almost every aspect of life as we know of it. Change has been constant at District M, too. And not just the remote-working-with-no-notice type.

Four years ago when header bidding was in its infancy, we built a platform for publishers to manage their tags, to quickly get the right code for their site, and to report on their performance. 

Since then, we added new formats, floors, blocking, server-side integrations and more. We also built our own exchange and set out to optimize without publishers having to manage everything manually.

Over the last few months, we’ve been developing exciting new features and optimizing the platform for our district m exchange (dmx), while maintaining functionality with legacy systems (you can also read about the technical journey from the simultaneous refactor). 

And today, we will align our product brands. If you’re a power-user, you might be familiar with Boost, and maybe you even remember b3. But for most, boost served as a portal to the menagerie of district m products.  

That’s why today we are introducing the DMX platform, a unified brand and single place for publishers to configure and report on their inventory.  The new platform brand represents our full range of capabilities. As part of this change, we are also releasing two new products: flat fees and custom reports. 

Here’s what is new:

Custom reports

With the DMX Platform, the first change you’ll notice is the ability to create Custom Reports. We wanted to build something that gives you flexibility and control over reporting, tailored to your needs.

Using our new, personalized custom reporting tool, you can create reports by selecting any number of measures and dimensions by simply checking the boxes, and then applying the filters you want. Log in to your DMX Platform account and head over to the custom reports section to check it out.

Boost is a reporting & analytics platform offering full oversight of deal activity
Private marketplace for direct buyer partners

Flat fee deals

Flat fee deals are a transparent and efficient alternative to post-auction discounts—they offer better buying power and ROAS without a biased auction, compromised reporting, or reduced publisher revenue. 

Many adtech providers have fixed costs, yet the traditional rev-share model means that they profit more as publishers produce quality content that commands a higher CPM. Post-auction discounts can exacerbate this inefficiency by forcing a publisher to bear the brunt of a reduction. 

With reach in mind, we are offering Flat fees on Exchange Deals to allow agencies to buy across multiple publishers and maintain open market scale.

Want to learn more?

For more information, reach out to your account manager at District M.  We look forward to sharing this with you and working together to build an adtech ecosystem that is optimized for all players.

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