The Buddy program experience

By Maxime Cloutier Wednesday, September 22nd 2020

What is a buddy program?

Pairing a new hire with a more experienced colleague to help the new employee transition to an organization is a best practice already established in many organizations. At district m, the Buddy Program reinforces integration well beyond the usual first-day orientation. It is an integral part of the longer-term integration program, helping each new employee to have a sense of belonging while leading to faster development of district m knowledge and networks. As a buddy, you play an important role in the success and growth of our people.

Discover 3 testimonials from the Buddy Program experience

Chris Nash Buddy Program

The New Employee

Quote Buddy ProgramWhen joining district m I was assigned a Buddy. The role of the Buddy is to support the new member of the team settle into their role. Laurine is my Buddy and helped build and deliver key parts of the training and had a daily follow up for the first month. She co-ordinated and delivered key training sessions with other members of the team, answered my questions, and helped me integrate quickly as a districter. At three months in, she booked a quick check in to see how I felt about the process and we both exchanged ideas for what went well and what can be improved. Joining the operations team during November, the busiest month of the year, delivered a steep learning curve and was made a lot more enjoyable with Laurine as buddy to support me.

Having had such great experience onboarding and learning the system, when we had Casey join the team in February, I was already comfortable to be her buddy. The Buddy system allows both participants to learn at the same time and creates stronger teams! While delivering a smooth and more comfortable process to the new employee it ultimately gave me the opportunity to reinforce skills by passing on knowledge and showing processes.

I recommend anyone thinking of applying to go for it and see for yourself how well our buddy onboarding program works!

– Chris, Account Manager, Revenue Optimization

Laurine Buddy Program

The Buddy

Quote Buddy ProgramChris joined the yield team a few weeks before BFCM last year, the busiest time of the year for our team. As his Buddy, my job was to help him have as smooth an integration as possible and make sure the company culture and processes are understood. Before he joined, I built his training plan, organized a welcome team lunch and sessions with districters from different teams so that he understands everyone’s roles and can start building his network. In the first few weeks, we had daily check-ins and I was also involved in his training. Being a Buddy helps with team building and it gave me the opportunity to develop leadership skills. The training part actually helped me strengthen my own knowledge and feel more confident in my role. I would definitely do it again and encourage anyone who did not have the experience yet to try it for yourself!

– Laurine, Account Manager, Revenue Optimization

Luc Buddy Program

The Manager

Quote Buddy ProgramAs a manager, I think the Buddy program is a wonderful onboarding initiative at district m! I embrace the company’s non-hierarchical leadership structure and I have the development of my employees at heart, so I am glad that the program gives them a first mentoring and coaching experience and the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Plus, the program helps me reduce overhead time when onboarding new districters. Therefore, I can spend more quality time with them and focus on strategic matters and their development when we meet. Collaboration is very important and being stronger together is a value at district m, and I think pairing an established employee with a new hire caters to this value.

– Luc Marsolais, SVP Business Development & Operations

The buddy program’s checklist

To guide the Buddy and the new employee successfully throughout the program, a checklist is provided. It provides key checkpoints and tasks for the new employee to complete. The Buddy has to complete all steps and write down the date when a step has been achieved.

buddy program checklist mockup

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