Dan Greenberg Exclusive Interview With Tony Shap: Bringing Respect to Advertising

Tuesday, March 18th 2021

“Advertising and respect don’t usually go together, and our spirit and underlying truth is that if you can make advertising respectful, it will perform better.” – Dan Greenberg, President of District M & Sharethrough.

In this exclusive interview with Tony Shap, Dan Greenberg discusses how to create change in behaviour with respect to the user, the challenges of running a company in a growing and fast-paced industry, and his promising outlook of the future since becoming a top 4 ad exchange with the District M & Sharethrough merger.

How do you persuade a user to meaningfully engage and change their behaviour with respect to advertising? The short answer: it comes down to the notion of respect. What started as curiosity from key learnings in a research program at Stanford University, led to an idea on how to meaningfully trace the ways technology and a human-centric approach can transcend the user experience. This produced a movement pioneered by Sharethrough, rooted in what is now widely known as native advertising today. 

Listen in to Dan Greenberg’s exclusive interview with Tony Shap, as they dive into where it all began and how this approach has evolved into how we do business today across all formats and channels. Furthermore, hear their candid conversation on lessons learned from past failures, present wins including the recent merger between Sharethrough & District M, and the one piece of advice Dan has for all current and aspiring founders to take under advisement in how to approach problems and solutions.

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