District M maintains its rank alongside Canada’s top growing companies

By Marie-Claude Gosselin
Wednesday, September 30nd 2020

District M is proud to announce that it has once again joined the ranks of the top growing companies in Canada. We are now ranked No.18 on L’actualité‘s Leaders de la croissance 2020, and No.134 on Canada’s Top Growing Companies from the Globe and Mail.

The news comes at a great time of insecurity and uncertainty, and we welcome it with open arms and lifted spirits. We wanted to look back on the good times, great decisions, and the reasons that got us to where we are today. 

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A tech company able to grow and adapt in times of uncertainty

A company in the advertising technology industry, district m has the tools to adapt and grow, even in times of crisis. The industry in which we operate is certainly one of the main reasons 

why we have been able to maintain a good level of business. We believe that programmatic advertising is very likely the industry of the future, in a world where our technological devices have become extensions of our own arms and where most of our communication happens online. What better way to increase the visibility of your product when, on average, you look at your phone 170 times a day?

Adapting our working methods to Zoom meetings has also been a key reason for our success. Although initially reluctant like many other companies, we were concerned that this would affect our productivity and the camaraderie that unites our team members. But with confidence and a lot of organization we were able to maintain our corporate values ​​by organizing several [email protected] reunions remotely, activities for the well-being of our employees such as yoga and cardio classes, and many more. 

Most recently was our annual Kickoff, the event where we revisit recent updates, both at the company and industry level, and where we discuss our strategies and visions for the year ahead. Knowing that gatherings of more than X people are prohibited, District M rewarded all members of each team with a mailed gift box, consisting of several branded swag items such as a water bottle, a comfortable hoodie, and, of course, a mask and hand sanitizer. The human resources team even closed this Kickoff with an online awards gala. Dressed in evening wear, they highlighted the efforts of several districters in a very refined way.  

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A constantly evolving Canadian company

As big changes approach such as the removal of third-party cookies and the emergence of sensitive topics such as identity, addressability and privacy, the ad tech industry must evolve with these changes in mind. It is no doubt that they will directly affect district m’s customers: advertisers and publishers. They will be able to draw on District M’s expertise in the field to find their way.

District M, as an actor in the industry, must remain alert and demonstrate competence by working hard in order to acquire great expertise and allow Canada to become a benchmark in programmatic advertising technology.

For the past 7 years, District M has been building its reputation and working alongside the biggest players in the programmatic industry. To support it, a team made up of 30% of employees present for more than 4 years to which new talents are added regularly.

4 years more employee 1

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We therefore view these rankings in Canada’s top growing companies as the fruit of our efforts and an encouragement for the future, however uncertain it may be, and we believe that each change is an opportunity to renew and innovate.

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