Showcase your store location in one touch with our new Tap-to-Locate creative.

51% of online traffic is from mobile devices. Google Maps is used by over 1 billion people every month. What do you get when you combine mobile devices, an interactive map and digital advertising? Looking for ways to drive in-store traffic to your business? Meet the newest addition district m’s family: the Tap-to-Locate creative.

How does it work?

The Tap-to-Locate functionality allows your prospects and/or customers to find the closest store locations seamlessly within the banner itself. The user is able to create a route to the destination with just a tap on the ad. Perfect for smartphone specific executions and for cross-screen brand awareness.

Online ad meets practicality and functionality

Which industry can this digital advertising format benefit? The answer is pretty much all of them! The Tap-to-Locate creative, being fairly new on the market, can easily grab the user’s attention. We have all visited an online store and realized the product we want to buy is too far away and we need to get it delivered at a higher price. But imagine advertising the right product, a few minutes drive away from the consumer, with directions available with a simple touch of a button?

We wanted to explore ways in which the Tap-to-Locate creative can be used for the retail and automotive industries. Keep in mind, this format can be used in many other contexts. Not only that, it is very easy to implement and set up.

Showcase your retail store locations

With Covid-19 setting in and social distancing becoming the norm in the majority of countries across the world, many shops have had to close their doors for a few months. In May, with social distancing measures being less strict across the country, stores began to reopen, and people were eager to shop. According to Statistics Canada, an increase of 18.7% in retail sales was recorded during the month of May in comparison to the previous month.

Target the right audience in close proximity

Stores slowly re-opening their doors means people are ready to go back to their usual spending habits. More than ever, with the current context of Covid-19, consumers are seeking to buy items locally rather than from overseas.

This, coupled with the fact that in-store items can be seen, tested and purchased instantly rather than wait for it to be delivered, makes in-person shopping a desirable activity at the moment. Looking to bring people in stores? With the Tap-to-Locate creative, not only can exclusive store products be advertised to the right audience, they can also show their closest location for optimal in-store traffic attribution.

For example

A consumer is looking for a new desk because they have to work from home. They have shopped online, but to no avail. They want to get the right measurements, get a look and feel in person, and shop locally. While browsing online, they get targeted from their previous search and they see the perfect desk. They tap to locate the nearest location and voilà – the store is a 10-minute drive away. A happy customer found their perfect desk, and a local store owner made a targeted sale, all with a simple digital advertising strategy.

Showcase your car dealership locations

After an initial 2-week confinement announced in Canada in mid-March, many stores had to close their doors to consumers. This is especially true for car dealerships, who no longer could offer test drives and in-store appointments. From February to May 2020. Retail sales for the automotive sector decreased 43% versus the same period last year.

Get new customers based on store location

Now mid-summer, auto dealers are gradually reopening their stores and using sale tactics such as individual customer appointments and online advertising to stimulate business. Although people are travelling less to work because they are working from home, many people need cars to travel locally and go on vacation.

Your store locations will greatly impact the decision of potential customers, especially when it comes to buying a car. The closer the store is, the easier it is to make an appointment. If you have 2 or more locations, even better! Easily create one set of ads and make sure your potential customers find the nearest locations to drive in-store traffic

For example

A potential customer is shopping for a car online. They have set a specific budget and are looking for something safe and compact. They have found good deals online but the stores are too far away from the city. They see an advertisement for the car they were previously searching for located at a local car dealership near them. They tap to locate and make an appointment for the next day.

Ready to try our Tap-to-Locate creative?

As we have previously discovered, the Tap-to-Locate creative is not only a way to advertise products, but also a functional way to show your store’s closest locations and drive in-store traffic. Target your potential customers with their current locations and get instant opportunities. If you would like to be one of the first to advertise this creative, or if you would like to request a demo, get in touch with our team of experts.

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