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With strict measures for travel emerging from the spread of Covid-19, it has become very difficult to plan vacations abroad. Most countries impose a 14-day quarantine which means basically vacationing inside a hotel room.


Predicted employment loss in travel & tourism in the world.


Decrease in forecasted 2020 travel & tourism revenue in the world.


Region with the largest loss in travel & tourism revenue in 2020.

More than ever, we are seeing local tourism at the forefront of travel advertising. National parks have opened their doors, outdoor activities are running at full capacity, and camping sites are booked for weeks to come.

Here are a few examples of local tourism & travel advertising within the Canadian provinces:

Worth the Wait, Travel Alberta

Rediscover, Tourism Nova Scotia

Activate our Island, PEI

As we slowly come out of quarantine, the travel & tourism industry needs an adaptable digital advertising presence. Marketers must be ready to pivot according to changing government policies while also ensuring that they are reaching the right target market ultimately delivering on KPIs from generating awareness and excitement to driving leads.

Reaching out to the right audience

There are many different targeting strategies available which will allow you, as a local tourism and travel advertiser, to reach the right audience. Here are a few notable examples:

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1st & 3rd party data

Data is an integral part of our lives. First party data allows you to organize the data you collect from your existing customers (it’s your own proprietary data). Third-party data, on the other hand, gives you the ability to supplement existing data files or create new segments for better audience targeting on a broader or deeper scale. Go beyond your usual audience and target people locally with similar interests for travel. Add granularity by targeting people based on their socio-demographic profile, their interests, household income, and more, in order to promote the right offer to the right people.

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Behavioral targeting

Behavioral targeting is a method that allows advertisers to display relevant ads to users based on their web-browsing behavior. For instance, this allows businesses operating in local outdoor tourism to advertise their available campsites to shoppers looking to buy camping equipment.

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Contextual & semantic targeting

Semantic contextual targeting allows you to display ads in relevant editorial contexts. This method optimizes user attention because it aligns with the subject matter. A great advantage for local tourism, an article listing the best local places to visit would have matching ads, and the possibilities are endless.

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Weather-based targeting

Target future customers with local weather predictions. Delivering ads and promotions according to the viewer’s weather conditions can potentially benefit local tourism with outdoor or indoor activities alike.

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Geo targeting

Geo targeting refers to delivering ads to consumers based on their geographic locations. Advertise travel and tourism promotions to prospects locally so they can vacation close to home. You could also display the distance between the user and your business’ location with the Tap-to-Locate format, with the message “You’re only 2 hours away from a lot of fun!”

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Location-based targeting

Location-based targeting helps advertisers build highly customized segments, based on GPS-enable mobile devices behavior analysis. Using location-based targeting helps brands learn where their customers are and when to reach out to them for maximum effectiveness.

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Retargeting increases your chances of bringing in new leads by targeting users who have previously visited your website and demonstrated an interest in your products or services. If customers have previously visited your local travel website, remind them with a promotion!

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Optimize your programmatic campaigns with bid modifiers

When used properly, bid modifiers are really amazing. It is a tool that allows media traders and analysts to easily modify programmatic bidding behaviour based on multiple parameters: auction variables, user scoring, data segments, and more!

Exclusive creative formats

Display ads are the most important visual element to attract the attention of potential customers. On top of a catchy phrase, a beautiful photograph, and an enticing call-to-action, there exists many different interactive components to creative formats. To only name a few, here are two district m exclusive formats best suited for the travel and tourism industry.

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Video banners are one of the strongest ways to connect with interested travellers. Combine a beautifully shot video of a local scenery or activity with a catchy message or promo. Allow your audience to discover new potential vacation destinations in real-time through powerful images.

To see how click-to-play banners are built in our proprietary creative builder, click here.

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Reveal generates more engagement from users with a partially hidden banner revealed on mouse-over. Advertisers can take advantage of this interactive feature by revealing promo codes and offers for various tourist attractions. Furthermore, reveal allows you to get a 100% viewability rate.

Premium inventory & brand safety

When it comes to display advertising, it is very important to control where your ads should appear online. This is especially true for the travel and tourism industry.

For example, let’s say you are advertising a treetop trekking adventure. You would not want your ad to appear on an article about forest fires or a climbing accident. This is why District M uses various mechanisms to guarantee brand safety, such as negative keywords exclusion and inventory whitelisting.

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