FLO Creative Builder : the newest addition to the FLO media buying platform!

By Jean-Martin Provencher
Wednesday, December 2nd 2020

FLO allows advertisers to execute campaigns using a leading digital advertising media buying platform with full control and in real-time visibility.

Thanks to its proprietary creative builder, building compelling creatives is not a burden anymore and there is no need for a prior expertise or training. The FLO platform can now facilitates the creation, delivery and performance measurement of engaging display ads.


Are your clients interacting with your brand online?

When it comes to delivering high awareness campaigns in programmatic, while the sites (and apps) you will be delivering on and the audience you will be targeting are key components, you know for a fact that your creatives will play a major role in making your campaign successful.  Rich, interactive, eye-catching should qualify the ads you are going to use. Now that you have built ads that you believe are creating impact and are attractive to the user, that he engages with your brand, how do you quantify it?

Measurable engagement metrics on display creatives that guide early optimizations should be the first step to driving users to your site and reaching your campaign objective. The FLO creative builder makes it possible (and easy!) for any user to build these interactive ads that will make your brand stand out and allow you to report on these users’ engagements.

ate your own brand assets to build interactive creatives in a few clicks.

Drive engagement with your brand directly in the creative (and increase click to site!)

Get insightful reporting that includes engagement measures, thought for each creative type

A one of a kind approach

With now 7 years of experience in digital advertising, district m knows how complicated and time consuming the creation process can be. With the FLO Creative Builder, district m wants to shorten the ad creation process and make it possible to optimize campaigns based on engagement, in a single platform. Reporting is available as soon as campaigns are live, it is now easier than ever to visualize the performance of creatives and measure the overall engagement of a campaign.

FLO creative formats

Choose from our rich creatives selection

District m has created unique digital advertising display and mobile formats to help you engage your audience and reach your campaign goals.
  • Reveal
  • Swipe
  • Countdown
  • Click to play

Built for scale 

The FLO creative builder is designed to increase the user’s effectiveness and ease the creation of ads at scale. 

  • Organize your creatives by advertiser and campaign 
  • Duplicate ads to create A/B testing in an instant and compare the performance 
  • Quickly edit ads that are live to update your visual or change your redirection URL
FLO platform creative builder
FLO platform campaign dashboard

Get visibility on the results 

The FLO platform helps you get full transparency on performance, inventory and cost. You get access on real-time campaign delivery metrics at your convenience. 

  • Visualize your creatives performance directly in FLO 
  • Get access to exclusive measurement metrics
  • Measure the overall engagement of your campaign

Design support service

If you want to push creativity to another level or if you have your brand assets but need help to create the actual ads, our design team is here to guide you through the creation process. We also provide a specifications sheet to help you build all formats.

FLO design support service

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