Beyond advertising: Getting ahead of brand security issues

Another very eventful week for the web giant Facebook!

With the current BLM movement, the rise of fake news, the dubious context of the American presidential campaign and hate speech being shared on social networks, it has never been more common for a marketer to ask the question: “How can I protect the integrity of my brand?”

Boycott & solidarity

Accused of being inactive in the rise of shared publications with racist, violent, hateful and misleading content on their platform, Facebook finally took action on june 30th 2020 and banned groups claiming to be from the far-right American Boogaloo movement. The announcement was accompanied by a new set of rules which will prioritize articles working to combat the overwhelming social phenomena on news feeds.

Faced with the current backlash against Facebook in the past few weeks, several companies questioned their presence on social networks and a boycott movement emerged to protest against the inappropriate content. Brands like Coca-Cola, Levis and Starbucks made the decision after just a few days to completely withdraw their advertising investments from the platform for the time being and not until the company would reconsider its position and actions towards the negative content.

This brings out a fundamental question: What solutions are available to brands to protect themselves against inappropriate and hateful content and ensure that their digital placements are displayed in an ethical manner?

Two words:  Transparency and security

Display advertising, which are advertisements displayed on the majority of news and content websites, are not exempt from the brand security breaches we are currently experienceing on social platforms. The complexity of the algorithms that govern media placements is such that it can be complicated for a brand to manage where exactly its advertisements will be shown. Fortunately, there are a multitude of solutions to control the display and placement of ads on the web.

Being proactive rather than reactive

At district m, we prioritize the security of brands as well as make sure to transmit information in complete transparency, which is why over the years, we have implemented mechanisms with high standards to ensure protection and integrity of the brand. These tools are constantly analyzed and optimized with the newest technologies.

Exclusion of negative terms and keywords

Thanks to tools such as Grapeshot or Peer39, we are able to exclude advertising placements on sites or web pages containing any negative and inappropriate words or terms. This allows you to make sure to dissociate yourself from certain events or news that could negatively impact your brand’s image.

Furthermore, by default, we block a list of terms deemed undesirable across all delivered campaigns. No need to worry.

Full control over ad delivery environments

By choosing district m, you have many different targeting options! Do you want to display on specific sites? It’s doable with site Whitelisting; Select the sites you wish to appear on and we will make sure you find your way there. On the other hand, if you have a list of sites you do not wish to appear on, we can build a Blacklist for you and thus exclude sites deemed at risk from the delivery of your campaigns. Controlling the delivery of your ads is the first step towards integrity.

Complete transparency on your campaign reporting

The all-new FLO platform, developed in-house by district m, tracks media spending and campaign results in real time. Keep track of your investments and adjust targeting as you see fit. You can use the platform as a self-serve user or benefit from our managed service led by our operational experts.

Norms and accreditations

Of course, it’s important to mention that we adhere to all CCPA and GDPR standards, and we also comply with the audit initiatives ads.txt, sellers.json and AdChoices.

At the end of the day, the important thing for us to consider is to make sure that the message you send is consistent with what you represent. We are only there to support you in carrying out this task.

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