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IAB’s Proposal for Enhanced Accountability: An Analysis by Kate Dye 

By Steve Adams Content Strategist October 31st, 2019

No one would accuse the world of programmatic advertising of being boring (unless you’re an outsider hearing terms like ‘supply path optimization’ and ‘demand-side platform). From walled gardens to privacy laws, the threats to the industry are myriad. 

The IAB has been proactive in its attempts to steer the industry into a more resilient place. Their proposal for enhanced accountability is the early stages of an attempt to help the industry survive one of it’s greatest challenges: a world with privacy laws and no tracking cookies. 

Kate Dye had the opportunity to attend the IAB: Data and Repsonsilbilty conference in September and is sharing her thoughts on the proposal in video form. The interview is broken down into four topics:


Data responsibility and protecting privacy

Privacy laws

Unique identifiers

RIP third-party cookies 


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