LiveRamp & District M: Omnichannel Targeting & Measurement for Authenticated Audiences

Tuesday, March 16th 2021

The times they are a-changin

User data privacy concerns and legislation emerging to preserve privacy is on the rise globally. Web browsers are ending support for third-party cookies and device makers are restricting the use of their device ID as an identifier unless consented to. Our conventional “tool-set” for executing people-based targeting and measurement will be disrupted significantly or rendered entirely inoperable moving forward.

Marketers and publishers need a viable solution which will continue to facilitate targeted advertising and sustained business outcomes as our industry shifts to a fully privacy-focused, consent driven, first-party data centric model. The preservation of the open web, content neutrality and our collective programmatic ecosystem depend on it.

LiveRamp & District M Solution

The District M omnichannel exchange is now integrated with LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure, enabling people-based targeting and measurement without any reliance on third-party cookies or MAIDs. 

Marketers can activate and reach their audiences on authenticated publisher inventory, made possible by LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS). ATS translates consumer identity—shared through a trusted value exchange—into LiveRamp’s identifier, which is further hashed and encrypted for added privacy. Ultimately, this allows publishers to maintain control of their data. Activating campaigns through an authenticated infrastructure enables advertisers to deliver personalized, efficient and fully measurable campaigns. 

Marketers can execute audience-based buys directly through demand-side platforms (DSPs) integrated with LiveRamp, or through District M PMPs in instances where the DSP is not yet integrated with LiveRamp, such as DV360.

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Better match rates and increased control

Unlike third-party cookies, which are probabilistic, only work for web-based buys, can be deleted at any time, and suffer from large drop-off rates, the District M-LiveRamp partnership enables omnichannel activation and immediately provides addressable reach in cookieless environments such as Safari and Firefox. District M further provides increased controls over campaign frequency and suppression.

There is little time to waste!

If you are already activating audiences through LiveRamp and would like to leverage District M to increase scale and reach through open market or a curated exchange deal, we want to hear from you.

If you want more information on District M or LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure, we’re here for that as well! Please email us at [email protected]

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