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Meet Stephen Denham: software engineer at district m

By Steve Adams Content Strategist December 10th, 2019
Find out what life is like for a software engineer at district m. Check out our job board if you’re interested in joining the team. Transcript: Stephen:  My name is Steven Denham, I’m a software engineer at district m. I work on the DMX team. It’s a very interesting product. It’s a Global Exchange, runs 24 seven all around the world. So being a software engineer is great because you really get the feeling of creating something. You get to take something from just an idea and then see it run in production and see it change our product, see a change our customer’s experiences. And that’s a really great feeling. It’s a great feeling to have that ownership of something. At the start, it’s just an idea. And then at the end, you kind of feel like you own it. I think we have a really good engineering culture. People care about the quality of our code and the test coverage and making sure our processes are right and that we’re fixing the right problems. Montreal is a really great city to live in as well. In the winter, you can go snowboarding or skiing. And in the summer, the streets are just full and everyone’s out in the park. It’s really very green and just a great place to live. And I love going for a few walks around the block or maybe grabbing a coffee. I know some of the guys on my team as well go to the nearby Sakshi gym and do some rock climbing during lunch. And district m, even though people are on different teams and have different perspectives, there’s a real sense of camaraderie and that everyone’s working towards the same goal.

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