Values at district m: an integral part of the employee experience

Today, in 2020, there are few organizations that do not have corporate values. The concept is not new. It is easy to find which values guide the decisions and behaviors of any given company after a quick visit to their website. Experts in marketing, human resources and brand identity will tell you it is a must-have.

Bringing values to life

At district m, we believe that having corporate values ​​is not enough; we have to keep them alive. This is why we have put in place several initiatives specific to each value, which constitute our employee experience. We have recently created an employee journey, which allows you to visualize the entire employee experience at district m.

How were those values chosen?

The process

At district m, we decided that the best way to determine our values ​​was to consult with those who are a big part of it: our districters. It was important to us that the values ​​that we were going to promote did not come solely from managers and human resources, but from all districters alike, so they could feel represented. We conducted brainstorming sessions with half of the team and asked what it meant for them to work at district m.

Our 5 values

Five values ​​emerged from these discussions: Stronger Together, Be Fearless, Drive Innovation, 110% Awesome and Be You. These values are very much alive at district m today. How do we bring them ​​to life on a daily basis?

Several corporate initiatives have emerged to honor these values. We have also created a Guide of Value Behaviors, which includes examples of behaviors to adopt so that districters know how to embody them. During our performance reviews, entitled 110% Awesome, which take place every six months, districters are also evaluated on these values.


stronger together value icon
Stronger Together is about collaboration and team spirit

Initiatives designed for teamwork

We believe that all players of the online advertising ecosystem should work together, share ideas and build a common vision to create a transparent, collaborative and honest marketplace. We want to create relationships between our employees, but also with our clients and partners who fulfill this mission. Among the initiatives to bring the Stronger Together value to life, we have set up a social committee, called the Culture Experience Committee, which is in charge of organizing our many social and team building activities, such as the weekly Stronger Together [email protected], the yearly kick-off event, the holiday party, the sugar shack, game nights, sports teams, pizza dinners and more!

Getting to know each other

We also have an initiative called Random Coffees; every week, each districter is randomly paired with another districter to take a coffee break together and get to know each other. For new employees, there is also the Buddy program, where each new employee is paired with a more experienced colleague during their first six months.

be fearless value icon
Be Fearless is about courage

Embrace change

Sometimes it takes courage to face change and, in our industry, change is frequent. It is important for district m to communicate frequently and consistently through multiple channels so that districters can adapt to changes without fear. Among the initiatives put in place to help our employees embody the Be Fearless value, our CEO holds quarterly town halls to discuss the objectives and key results (OKRs), targets, priorities and vision for the next quarter with other districters.

Acclaim initiatives

We also hold monthly Bagel mornings, where teams share their projects, good news and congratulate each other, all while eating delicious Montréal bagels! These initiatives help keep districters informed of priorities and enable them to prepare for and adapt to change.

110 % awesome value icon
110% Awesome is a value of excellence

Encourage professional growth 

By empowering our people to turn their own ideas into reality and holding them accountable for their projects, we know that “good enough” will never be part of their vocabulary. How do we enable districters to be 110% Awesome? We have created two internal training programs, the Foundation program and the district mBA, which allow our employees to become experts of district m and programmatic advertising. In addition to internal training, we fund continuing education for districters during their career in the company. Each districter also has individual OKRs, which are linked to their team and company OKRs. This way, we make sure that everyone does meaningful work and has significant impact on the success and growth of the business. The progress of these OKRs is evaluated every quarter. They are also assessed during our 110% Awesome 360° performance reviews, which take place every six months. Following these reviews, districters are provided with an action plan to increase their performance and impact.

drive innovation value icon
Drive Innovation and dare to imagine

Work with high-performance tools

It is by working together and being courageous that we dare to imagine what the advertising landscape of tomorrow will be like – and make sure we lead it. Each districter drives innovation and shapes the future of our industry in their own way. We believe that to be innovative, we must be equipped with the best technological tools. The technologies we use include the Google Cloud platform, Golang, Spark, AWS, Slack, and Zoom. Each employee can also choose whether they prefer to work with a MacBook or a PC. 

Innovative working methods

Because these working methods stimulate innovation and creativity, we work with an agile model with the help of our scrum masters. We also have a bottom-up mentality, which means that we believe that the best ideas, initiatives and innovations come from the districters themselves, and not just from the executive team.

be you value icon
Be You is a value of authenticity

Originality matters

We encourage our employees to be themselves, at all times. At district m, we love quirks, eccentricity and unconventional thinking. Above all, we want to create an environment where our employees and partners are free to bring any idea, no matter how crazy, to the table. To inspire districters to be themselves and authentic, we use the Officevibe platform, for example, which measures engagement and job satisfaction by sending out automated weekly surveys. Anonymous comments and suggestions can also be given through these surveys and platform.

Break the codes

We also have a relaxed dress code at district m. We want districters to be able to wear the clothes and style they love without great constraints. We believe this enhances well-being, individuality, creativity and innovation.

The initiatives mentioned in this article are just a few examples of how district m goes about bringing its values ​​to life. We are continually working on new projects to strengthen our corporate culture and values, as we believe they are the very soul and heart of district m. We are convinced that bringing these values ​​to life in districters and hiring people who have the potential to embody them will go a long way in making district m the leading omnichannel digital advertising exchange.

To learn more about the many initiatives that bring values ​​to life at district m, check out our employee journey, which allows you to view of our entire employee experience.

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