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Why district m redesigned its website


By district m,
October 23rd, 2019

On September 18, you may have noticed that our website has changed dramatically. The look and structure are very different but don’t be scared. We strongly believe that the changes have made the site superiour for meeting the needs and interests of our clients and readers. Here’s a little insight into the direction we took.

A platform for all different sizes of advertiser

With the advent of our DSP, Go, and the advanced advertiser focused, Go+ (coming soon), district m has engaged with advertisers to a much greater extent. Our platform has been built to meet the specific needs of all sizes of advertisers and our site needed to reflect that. now has more emphasis on what solutions we can offer advertisers of different sizes, directing our audience to the right platform for them: Go, Go+ or DMX and self serve or managed. No matter what size of company you are, district m offers solutions that improve campaign performance and increase your working media ratio. 


A greater working media ratio with district m

One of district m’s greatest strengths is providing advertisers with a complete programmatic ecosystem. We have our two DSPs, a trading desk along with DMX, our exchange that also serves as an SSP for publishers. With this advantage, district m is able to limit the number of vendors in the supply chain and have full transparency over our fees. This effectively increases the ratio of working media over our competitors. We haven’t always made this clear in writing, so our website will have a stronger emphasis on greater working media and the reduced ‘tech tax’ that district m provides.

Our platforms can be used as self-service, requiring a set fee that doesn’t increase with the scale of a campaign. Along with our complete programmatic ecosystem, this fee structure allows for a greater percentage of your programmatic spend to be used as working media. On our new site, we wanted to make this distinction clear so that potential clients that are capable of operating their own campaigns can see the value in using our SaaS option for Go and Go+. Self serve is a great way to run a campaign that offers transparency over costs.

A transparent product requires transparent content

One of the greatest scourges of programmatic advertising has been a lack of transparency in the supply chain. With district m offering a complete ecosystem from DSP to publisher, there is more opportunity to be transparent about costs; we are taking advantage of that. With the new site, we are able to be more transparent in how we describe our product and costs overall. Our goal is to give an accurate account of our platforms, Go, Go+, and DMX and who they serve best. We’re interested in matching clients with the best solution for them, not the solutions that simply generate the most revenue for us. Going forward, we will push district m to new levels of transparency so that brands and advertisers know exactly where there ad spend is going.  

Feel free to poke around the new site, and take in all the new designs and product descriptions. If you like what you see and would like to learn more, contact us. 

Like what you see?

If you’re interested in learning more about how district m can help your business, please reach out to us!