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Take your online advertising into your own hands with our demand-side platform, Go+. This DSP is a powerful tool for brands to optimize their campaigns, utilize higher-performing creatives, and get robust reports on results..

Get a better ROI from your campaigns

The more vendors between you and the publisher, the lower your ROI. The Go+ platform is directly connected to district m’s ad exchange, dmx, and its network of publishers so your budget goes directly into running your campaign.

Using a more direct path could lead to an average 56% increase in your ROAS.

Leverage real data

district m works with the best data management platforms to provide real actionable data and build custom audience segments so brands can target the right customer at the right time.

Through our API, brands can also bring in their own custom algorithms to optimize their campaigns.

Reporting that makes sense

Track your campaign’s performance in real-time to get detailed insight on what works best. Get all the right KPIs on Go+’s dashboard or get your custom reports directly in your reporting platform through API.

100% working media

Based on a SaaS model, Go+ is designed to optimize working media. Advertisers pay a flat monthly fee that will never increase so that your budget goes directly towards advertising.

How to use Go+

Do it yourself

Do you have an in-house team that runs your campaigns? Just sign up to Go+ and get your campaigns running in no time!

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Ask your agency

You work with an agency? Discover our Go+ solution for agencies!

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Managed service

Interested in Go+ but you don’t have the resources to do it yourself? We have a team ready to help you create, launch and manage your campaigns.

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Consultancy services

Interested in becoming self-sufficient in your advertising efforts? Our team provides you with insights, best practices and practical tips on how to run and optimize your own campaigns within the Go+ platform!

Get creative

If you need help with creating high-impact ad formats, our team of experts is available to help.

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