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We are not just looking to hire employees.

At district m, we don’t just hire employees. We are looking to hire forward-thinkers. Innovators and entrepreneurs. Project owners and leaders.

What we are all about

No matter their role, background or skill set, every districter lives and breathes our company values day-in-day-out. This is what makes us a strong and unified team.

Stronger together

Starting a new job is always a little hectic – from learning everyone’s names to figuring out how to fill in your expense report, we all need a little guidance. Your buddy will meet you on your first day and will be your reference for your first 6 months in the company to answer any question and help you in getting settled.

110% awesome

Some would call it overachieving, we prefer to believe that we are just 110% awesome. We empower every districter to drive their own ideas to reality while holding them accountable for their projects. That’s how we know that “good enough” will never be part of our vocabulary.

Be fearless

A challenge means change, and in our industry, change is always a good thing. That’s why we encourage all districters to take risks. To question themselves, to challenge their vision, to give their best shot and deliver the greatest work possible. And if we fail, we get back up and start again. That’s how we become experts that will never settle for less than excellence.

Be you

Come as you are. At district m, we like weirdness. eccentricity. unconventional thinking. Above all, we want to create an environment where everyone is free to bring new ideas to the table, as crazy as they may be. The reason we select new districters is not just to do a job, it’s to build a company that each and everyone can be proud of.

Drive innovation

Working together and being fearless is what helps us dare to imagine what tomorrow’s advertising landscape will be made of and ensure that we are the ones to drive it. That cannot happen without constantly listening to the echoes of the industry, identifying game-changing technologies and keeping the flexibility to follow our instincts when the time is right. That’s how we will shape the future of this industry.

Top Montreal Employer

Eluta, 2019

Top Small Medium Employer

Eluta, 2018 & 2019

Best Managed Companies

Deloitte, 2019

Technology Fast 50 Canada

Deloitte, 2018

Startup 50

Canadian Business, 2019

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