Generate more engagement and consideration with the chatbot creative.

What is the chatbot creative?

The Chatbot creative is a unique format offered by district m that allows the advertisers to engage with their audience through a succession of logical Q&A directly within the banner!

Based on the answers provided by the user, the creative will automatically display the relevant product, offer or information.

The Chatbot creative also allows advertisers to receive direct market feedback thanks to a live reporting platform that showcases the engagement details.

The advertiser’s challenge

Our client is a national advertiser in the leisure travel industry who was looking for a way to efficiently promote various destinations and packages to travel intenders, while making sure to drive qualified traffic to it’s website in order to generate conversions.


Solution & strategy

First, in order to target the right users (travel intenders), district m used a combination of semantic targeting, contextual targeting and trusted 3rd party data segments.

The brand successfully tested a 300×600 chatbot creative, qualifying the user’s needs by asking questions about their travel tastes. 


The decision tree ended with a destination suggestion based on the user’s answers as well as a call-to-action to find more information on the advertiser’s website. 


2M impressions delivered


Engagement rate of 1.28%


An average of 32 sec of time spent with the ad



0.62% CTR (an increase of 244% vs. their average results and 278% vs. the industry average on standard banners).

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