“When looking for new partners, we always look for the best performances but also smooth working relations.”

Dictionary.com, an IAC company, is the first and largest digitally-native English language dictionary, available anywhere at any time. Tens of millions of global monthly users visit Dictionary.com amd Thesaurus.com for reliable access to millions of definitions, synonyms, audio pronunciations, translations and spelling help to alleviate their anxiety with the English language, understand

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We are happy to count them as one of our premium publishers. We met with Scott Wagner, VP of Revenue & Analytics, to learn more about what has led the company to partner with district m and where they see this partnership going in the future.

What influenced you to choose district m as a partner?

Publishers talk amongst each other, and district m has always stood out as being a stellar partner. From what we had heard prior to partnering up with district m, the company offers great customer support with valuable insights and a very proactive vision. When looking for new partners, we of course always look for the best performances, but a smooth working relationship is also important – which we get with district m.


Why didn’t you partner up with district m earlier?

We had been in discussion with district m for about a year before we started working together – the issue was not about a lack of trust or any other concerns of the sort, but rather involved some technical setups and updates that needed to be made on our side. Once that was done, integrating district m to our wrapper became a priority.


What would you say is unique about district m’s offer?

Right now, we focus heavily on IAB standard display units because our setup does not allow us to integrate highimpact units yet. However, we love district m’s willingness to always share new ideas and insights with us, no matter what.

Right now, we are geared up for one specific product, but this may change in the future. It’s great to see a company that can counsel you in innovative ideas and new solutions – it shows they are aware of the movements in the industry and are willing to help their clients stay ahead of the game.

So, don’t stop being proactive, we really appreciate it!


What are you excited about for the future?

We just set up a new data science team, and the upcoming year will be a big one for testing and optimizing. We will be looking at all elements factoring in our yield optimization, like the price balance, our mix of partners, the way our ad stack is constructed and the most optimal ad placements on our site.

The latter will be particularly important to us. We will be running a lot of A/B testing, not just in terms of formats, but also on what placements create the best userexperience for our readers and generate the best return. We are highly consumer-centric, so we will be investing a lot in analyzing the way content is ingested and how the online consumer experience is evolving. Keeping up with that evolution will be a key priority for us in the next year.

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