How MobileSyrup used district m’s turnkey wrapper to increase revenue.

MobileSyrup is an independant resource on mobile technology in Canada – connecting to those who are mobile enthousiasts, professionals, and shoppers. They provide daily market and industry news & reviews on smartphones, tablets, wearables, IoT and automotive.

We are happy to count them as one of our premium publishers. We met with Ian Hardy, publisher and founder to learn more about the solutions that were implemented by district m to help his company achieve its goals.


MobileSyrup’s primary goal was to increase their ad revenue. Through word-of-mouth, they came to hear about district m’s solutions and the results they could generate.


In the initial contact, MobileSyrup established that it was 
looking for programmatic technology expertise in order to maximize revenue, acquire new demand sources and troubleshoot persisting issues on the site. 


Type of partnership

To boost MobileSyrups revenue, district m hooked them up on new demand sources through a turnkey wrapper. district m also provided ad tech consulting services to guide MobileSyrups team through every solution provided. 

“I consider district m as a real partner to our business, so I see us partneringfor the long term.”
district m solutions
  • The first step was to evaluate the current setup of the publisher. This allowed district m to identify several opportunities and isolate potential issues.
  • district m then assisted the publisher in setting up new products, including the company’s exclusive programmatic skin format and dmx, district m’s ad exchange, as a new demand source.
  • The results of step 2 helped isolate issues such as blank ads and provide the publisher with valuable insight on the type of action required. Most blank ads were due to the fact that not enough demand was enable for those spaces. Additionally, district m identified several sizes which were not targeted through Adsense and se enable demand for those as well.
  • The final step was to enable the publisher to report on the solution’s performances and track changes to optimize the impact on revenue. distrit m set up MobileSyrup with an automated report that outlined revenue growth.


The main result was a revenue increase, which was observed once the new products and suggestions were implemented.

The first solution implemented with the publisher was district m’s header bidding solution, whcich yieled between a 5 and 7% increase.


Additionally, over the subsequent month, district m rearranged MobileSyrup‘s waterfall solution which led to an observed 10% increase in revenue.


Client’s feedback

“Implementation and costumer service are hands down far superior than what I have seen and experience in the industry. No matter the question and the time of day, I always get a quick response.”

“Implementation and customer service are hands down far superior than what I have seen and experienced in the industry.”

– Ian Hardy, Publisher and founder, MobileSyrup

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