How Narcity Media increased their revenue from district m by 20% by integrating our exclusive touch format.

Narcity Media is a premium publisher and leader in millenial online content in Canada, reaching over 10 million Canadian & American readers every month. Narcity Media owns and operates, which is present in over 10 major Canadian cities, and popular Quebecer lifestyle website,

We are happy to count them as one of our top publishers. We spoke with Chuck Lapointe, CEO abd co-founder, to learn more about the solutions that were provided by district m to help the company achieve its goals.


As a premium publisher, Narcity Media is always looking for new innovative ways to increase revenue. When they were presented with touch, they were highly excited about the format, mainly due to the value that the high impact unit would bring to their business and also because of its compliance with the Coalition for Better Ads.

The main goal in implementing touch was to increase revenue whilst also maintaining a great user experience for the readers.



Solution suggested 

district m’s exclusive format, touch.

“What we love about district m’s new touch format for mobile, is that district m was able to meet our high CPM requirements all while offering a fun and interactive float ad format to our users that isn’t intrusive.”

— Chuck Lapointe, CEO and co-founder, Narcity Media

  1. Upon agreement, the district m team generated a tag for the publisher, which consists of a simple line of javascript, to allow for touch demand to go through.
  2. Then, the publisher simply had to traffic the tag through their DFP. This step can also be done by integrating the tag through the source code.
  3. Once the solution was pushed live, district m added touch in the publisher’s account reporting dashboard to allow for a better view of inventory monetization.
  4. touch was quick and easy to implement, ans went live within 48 hours.


 The solution was implemented at the beginning of January and has since generated a 20% revenue increase when combined with district m’s header integration solution, with CPMs reaching between $3.00 and $5.00.

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