How Ranker yielded a 186% CPM increase by integrating district m’s touch format.

Ranker is a data-driven media company for crowdsourced rankings of nearly everything, harnessing the “wisdom of the crowd” to solve watercooler debates like “Best Car Values.” Ranker‘s technology aggregates these opinions and turns them into engaging editorial content.

As of April 2018, Ranker had 48.4M unique visitors with an average time per visit of 5.4 minutes, according to comscore. We are happy to count them as one of our top publishers. we met with Robin Strauss, VP of Ad Technology and Yield, to learn more about the solutions that were provided by district m to help the company achieve its goals.



Of course, the main goal for Ranker was to increase their revenue as well as their fill rate. Beyond that, they were also looking for a tagless format that could be integrated through header bidding to access more competitive demand.

When district m suggested integrating its exclusive touch format, Ranker was very excited about the quality of the creative, but above all, its compliance with the Better Ads standards.


Solution suggested


district m’s exclusive format touch with Prebid integration.

“Since we’ve integrated touch in March, we have seen a very satisfying growth in our revenue and CPMs. Also, the positive impact of touch on our website’s user-experience is a big plus! But what we love most about our relationship with district m is that the team is always ahead of the game and proactive in offering flexible solutions that fit our needs.”

— Robin Strauss, VP of Ad Technology and Yield at Ranker

  1. The first step for the publisher was to integrate district m’s ad receiver library for the 320×50 ad unit. district m provided assistance and material with technical guidance to help Ranker throughout the process.
  2. The next step was to add enable the high impact format to the 320×50 placement in their header wrapper configuration. This includes, among others, Prebid Web, Prebid Server to Server, Prebid DMX Adaptor, A9, and
  3. The last step was to win the auction with their existing prebid setup. This step was achieved instantly since CPM are higher for touch.



Two months after implementation, the solution provided yielded a 186% CPM increase, going from $1.55 to $2.87, and a daily incremental revenue, with an increase of 235% for this ad unit.

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