district m assits Reader’s Digest to set up DFP and improve targeting

Reader’s Digest Media is a leading Canadian multi-platform media and marketing company that educates, entertains and inspires their highly engaged audiences from around the world. Reader’s Digest Canada publishes five magazines, totaling 6.8 million readers a month. Along with being a premier publisher of magazines, books and video products, it operates a network of branded websites, including readersdigest.ca, selection.ca,

besthealthmag.ca, tasteofhome.com & familyhandyman.com

We are happy to count them as one of our premium publishers. We met with Adamo Calafati, head of programmatic & ad operations, to learn more about what has led the company to partner with district m and where they see this partnership going in the future.


Last fall, Reader’s Digest was looking to restructure and migrate their DFP to a new setup. This involved reshaping their ad server’s structure. Additionally, they needed some in-depth guidance on how to go through those changes.

“Our ultimate goal is always to increase our yield. That’s one of the reasons we are undergoing a major website redesign. As a result of this project, we’ll increasingly look for high-viewability ad formats, especially ones that integrate video.” said Calafati.

On top of the assistance with the technical setup, Reader’s Digest looked to work with a trusted partner that would provide support every step of the way and that could offer new innovative products to increase performance.

“Throughout our partnership, district m has always been there no matter the issue.”
district m solutions
  • The first step undertaken by district m was to do a Sales Engineering evaluation. WIthin the initial consultation, the district m team gave the Reader’s Digest team suggestions and best practices for making the changes to areas they wanted to impact.
  • district m provided the publisher with a load of resources, from DFP setup best practices to detailed recommendations on the next steps. This step helped the client have a better understanding of the task involved and structure the DFP ad units in an efficient manner.
  • Once this was implemented, district m pushed the necessary targeting and key value changes to district m orders through the DFP API. The district m team also assisted Reader’s Digest in setting up video ad delivery to ensure that proper parameters were being passed for programmatic monetization. And lastly, district m helped the team migrate and re-setup other, non-district m related orders.


The first immediate result was the clarity and simplicity of the new setup. The targeting, both programmatically and direct, was improved and made much more sense after the migration. Also, the video player fix led to a dramatic increase in revenue.

At the moment of publication of this case study, some of the changes initially discussed had not been fully implemented. Reader’s Digest however foresees that once completed, the proposed setup will simplify their programmatic efforts, as they will be able to internalize the majority of those efforts.

Client’s feedback

“Throughout our partnership district m has always been there no matter the issue. When we started working together, The Sales Engineer service walked us through our own DFP but also other available programmatic solutions to make sure we understood every tool properly and ensure maximum results.

Sometimes, when working with third-party partners, you feel like there is an agenda being pushed. With district m, we always have a straight-up answer to our questions, which always makes us feel right in prioritizing our partnership with them first. We really trust everyone in the company, their opinions as well as their advice and insights.

As for our future with district m, on top of the already stellar partnership we have and hope to keep, we are highly interested in the upcoming audience extension feature that the mypixel platform will offer. I think this integration will help us at every level of our goals and objectives.”

“We always have a straight-up answer to our questions, which always makes us feel right in prioritizing our partnership with them first. We really trust everyone in the company, their opinions as well as their advice and insights.”

– Adamo Califati, Head of Programmatic & Ad Operations, Reader’s Digest Media, Canada

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