it all began

Established in 2013, district m today is a programmatic ad exchange that connects advertisers with publishers in a transparent marketplace powered by its real-time technology.


district m ad exchange?

For the last 7 years, district m has experienced hypergrowth in the programmatic advertising space. What began in a kitchen, is now currently one of the top ten programmatic exchanges in the world. The company continues to grow with help from investments from Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Investissement Québec.

100+ employees

district m’s 100+ employees are experts in technology, advertising experts and customer success.

3 offices

With offices in Montreal, Toronto & New York, district m thrives in the technology hub of North America.

200 countries

district m is truly global, sending programmatic advertising requests to over 200 countries in the world.

Stronger together

More than ever, we believe all players of the programmatic advertising ecosystem need to work together, share ideas and build a common vision to create a transparent, collaborative and honest industry.

Be fearless

The programmatic advertising industry is not short of challenges and because of the strong bond we aim at creating among all players, we can face those challenges with open arms.

Drive innovation

Working together and being fearless is what helps us dare to imagine what tomorrow’s advertising landscape will be made of and ensure that we are the ones to drive it.

110% awesome

Some would call it overachieving, we prefer to believe that we are just 110% awesome. By empowering our employees to drive their own ideas to reality, we know that “Good enough” will never be part of their vocabulary.

Be you

Come as you are. At district m, we like weirdness. eccentricity. unconventional thinking. Above all, we want to create an environment where our employees and partners are free to bring any idea to the table, as crazy as it may be.

Meet the management team

district m only exists because of the ingenuity of its founders, the employees that support the business, and investments that help district m grow.

JF Cote

President & CEO, Co-founder

Pat Marin

Partnerships & Co-founder

Dom Fortin

CTO & Co-founder

Benoit Skinazi

SVP Sales & Co-founder

Luc Marsolais

SVP Business Development & Operations, Co-founder

Ken Poon

VP Technology

Natacha Brind’Amour

Director People

Louis-Charles Genest

VP Finance & Administration

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