district m turns 7

Even though, because of the current circumstances, the team is apart, we wanted to make sure we could highlight district m’s 7th year.

This week, district m turns 7 years old. It was 7 years ago that our 5 co-founders worked tirelessly in a small apartment building to start the journey that is district m today. After having reached the 100 employee mark in 3 offices, awards and financing under our belt and a few product launches, we consider year 7 to be the year of luck. Although times have been hard with social distancing measures meaning we cannot physically work as a team, we are stronger than ever and will make the best of it for the years to come.

As Districters, when we think of the 7th floor, we think of our Mile End office. More than ever, since we had to leave our game nights, lively Thursday 5 à 7, great coffee and fruity snacks behind, we know that this space has been special and we are eager to return to it in full force! For now, our homes have become our offices, with virtual meetings and happy hour. So long, #730, we’ll see you soon!

Meet Steve, our employee #7. Steve has been an integral part of district m’s history, with helping to build our exchange, dmx, and all future district m products. After 5 years of working for district m, Steve is now our Director of Platform and Technology.

We want to take the time to highlight our 7 teams: People, Finance, Tech, Marketing, Small Business Solutions (Go), Advertiser Solutions & Adops (Go+/National), our Exchange (DMX). We feel lucky to have built strong team players across all departments, thanks to our awesome employees.

Each year, we hold an annual kickoff to set the tone for the year to come. In September 2020, we will be holding our 7th kickoff, together or apart. We hold very fond memories of our past kickoffs (notably our Back to the future, Star Wars and Olympics as themes of the past). We look forward to what this year’s kickoff will bring.

Did you know there are 7 colours in the rainbow? We take this as a lucky sign. In 1672, pioneer Sir Isaac Newton published his newfound research on light. Newton had experimented with plain sunlight put through a transparent prism and watched it change colour. This created what we know today as the 7 colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. The rainbow has become a symbol of our fight against COVID-19, and therefore, our symbol of luck and celebration for our 7th year.

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