Introducing the DMX platform

Welcome to one of the world’s top ten independent exchanges. DMX represents district m’s commitment to a transparent and efficient supply path. That means zero buy-side fees, low take rate on the supply-side and transparency across the ecosystem.

Visibility and quality from publisher-direct relationships

Know exactly where your spend is going. With DMX you don’t have to worry about brand safety concerns, dubious inventory, or hacky auction tactics.

Supply-path optimization

With DMX, you have direct access to top Comscore publishers, which means you get an optimized supply path out of the box. We also leverage smart algorithms to reduce noise and the cost associated with it. No need to worry about overspending or managing unfair auction tactics—we offer a transparent view of our supply and actionable data. 

Quality Inventory

Using DMX, you can feel safe knowing that someone on our Traffic Quality team has vetted each and every publisher and domain. We also leverage industry-standard tools to audit and filter our supply in real-time. Our supply team works closely with publishers to optimize their ad stack and inventory so it is accurately represented and your campaigns are delivered efficiently.

A nimble tech stack designed for speed and flexibility

DMX development began in 2018 and uses 2020 technologies. As a result, our platform is free of the ‘tech debt’ that prevents or prolongs new features and products. Our stack and team are nimble and able to deliver features and new products quickly and without additional cost—savings we are happy to pass on to you through an industry-low take rate.

Data you can act on

By accessing DMX through our DSP, Go+, you’ll have access to the data you need, when you need it, and the way you want to access it. From lost-reasons in the bid stream, to inventory availability in our UI, to campaign monitoring tools—we’ll provide you with the right data and our team of industry experts will work with you to transform it into actionable insights.

Access to unique and standard ad formats

Launch more effective campaigns by using ad formats suited to your goals. You have access to district m’s mix of standard and unique ad formats that can help make your campaigns more successful.


DMX is in-app and mobile-optimized so you can take full advantage of the largest audience in the digital landscape. We vet and leverage the most trustworthy companies in the industry for the location data we send.


Access instream inventory on premium publishers at scale. Reach your audience, completion rate and other KPIs on desktop and in-app.

Interested in how our Go+ platform leverages DMX?