district m launches FLO, programmatic buyers’ new favorite platform

FLO was built for brands and agencies wanting complete control on their programmatic spend.  It is destined to facilitate (and automate!) day-to-day operations relative to digital buys, whether these are for display, video, native, DOOH or CTV formats. Brands and agencies are now able to access these capabilities in both self-served or managed services depending on their needs.

Insights and analytics

Get access to intuitive reporting dashboards providing you with all the necessary information to understand your campaign’s delivery. Ease decision making with comprehensive visuals and detailed reports showcasing all the universal performance metrics and much more.

Optimization FLOs

district m’s data engineers have developed machine learning algorithms to compute models that can be used across your campaigns based on your main objectives, whether these are CTR, conversions, CPM or viewability.


Select from 4 main KPIs (CTR, Viewability, CPM, conversions) and let us build and maintain the optimization model for you. The performance FLO creates optimized models computing bid multipliers that are applied to single or multiple targeting parameters based on campaign delivery data.


Working along with the performance FLO, the delivery FLO creates optimized models prioritizing single or multiple targeting parameters based on campaign delivery data.


Paying the right price for inventory and delivering a campaign in full, two key objectives of the buyers. The pacing FLO ensures full delivery of the line item budget while maintaining the lowest eCPM possible by applying constant modification to the bid value based on delivery and win rate.


The typical display campaign will generally have several targeting tactics. The distribution FLO feature suggests dynamic budget reattribution across line items of a campaign based on performance and pacing in addition to constantly reviewing your daily budget.

Powered by the exchange

DMX, district m’s ad exchange, manages more than 10B daily ad requests, making it a powerful source of data to fuel FLO’s machine learning algorithms. This allows you to benefit from insights on optimized bids and select favorable inventory to improve your programmatic activity outside of your own delivery. 

Get full control of your programmatic activity today.  Let us provide the machine learning tools customized to your campaigns and KPIs to maximize your online performance and your working media.

Meet JM, Product owner

Jean-Martin Provencher has been working for almost 15 years in marketing and communication related areas. First as a Brand or Event Manager for companies such as Coca-Cola and Fairmont Hotels&Resorts, it is in 2011 that he took a greater interest in the media industries, more precisely digital medias. After working briefly in an agency, JM joined his actual partners to found district m, 7 years ago.


After starting the Adops team that works with advertisers, JM is now Product Owner and oversees the development of FLO, the programmatic solution to district m’s advertisers. His job (and FLO’s) is to think and build key fonctionnalities and to facilitate and accelerate the decision making to optimize campaigns to ensure delivery and to maximize performance and ROAS.

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