Transparency, efficiency, brand safety. All in one.

Execute your campaigns using a leading digital advertising media buying platform offering a fair, transparent & efficient marketplace.

Three ways to work with us

Self-serve or managed, we offer a variety of ways to execute your campaigns.

FLO programmatic media buying platform

Use your own DSP

Managed service

Our team of media traders are at your disposal to help you plan and execute your programmatic campaigns through our fully transparent programmatic ecosystem.

Get access to our live reporting media buying platform providing you with insights, and our unique rich media Creative Builder.


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A transparent and scaled media buying platform that gives all the features to execute successful buy side campaigns at a significantly lower cost.


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Access our inventory through your preferred DSP


Demand-side platform logos

Open auction

Take full control of your bidding strategy and target district m exchange directly from your preferred DSP or through BidSwitch.

DMX deals

Have us curate the inventory and ensure performance at scale with auction priority and flexible pricing models.


Deal Management

Trusted, transparent, programmatic supply source with industry leading scale

Brand safety built in. FLO gives you the ability to deliver your campaigns on high-quality publishers and customize your requests so that you’re only bidding on brand-appropriate environments. Our media buying platform helps you achieve more, faster.

Working with media buyers on a global scale

FLO media buying platform Data

The data you need, the way you want it

Access key data about your campaigns on our media buying platform, and make informed decisions.

  • Utilize our built-in analytics platform
  • Connect your own dashboards by connected to our data via Rest API

Tailor made onboarding process for FLO self-serve clients

Whether you want to learn to execute your campaigns in-house or simply want to develop your knowledge in programmatic advertising, our courses, data banks, and  experts are here for every step of the way.

Self-serve media buying platform FLO

Knowledge is power

Stay up-to-date on recent product updates from our media buying platform, FLO. We constantly update our case studies and blog for our media buyer and publisher partners.

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