Deliver performance while maximizing your media budget

Power machine learning that fuels your campaign optimizations and deliver performance based on your campaign objectives.

Intuitive analytics dashboard

Get full transparency on performance, inventory and cost. Access real-time campaign delivery metrics at your convenience. Consult insightful visualization of performance including heatmaps and geographical distribution on campaign metrics.

Have your own dashboard?

Easily connect your in-house dashboard to access and present campaign data in a way that is familiar with your team. We are compatible with all main reporting platforms and can provide you with your log level data at no cost!

The power of bid modifiers

Bid Modifiers is a tool that allows ad ops and analysts to easily modify bidding behavior based on auction variables or user scoring. FLO’s Optimization report allows you to make quick interpretations of best performing inventory and targeting variables and extract lists that will power your bid modifiers.

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