Optimization & machine learning

district m developed a series of complementary machine learning models that aggregate both your campaign delivery data and district m exchange’s data to identify and prioritize for you the best performing targeting.

Machine Learning Dashboard


Select from 4 main KPIs (CTR, Viewability, CPM, conversions) and let us build and maintain the optimization model for you. The performance FLO creates optimized machine learning models computing bid multipliers that are applied to single or multiple targeting parameters based on campaign delivery data.



Prioritize what works!

Working along with the performance FLO, the delivery FLO creates optimized machine learning models prioritizing single or multiple targeting parameters based on campaign delivery data.



Paying the right price for inventory and delivering a campaign in full, two key objectives of the buyers.

The pacing FLO ensures full delivery of the line item budget while maintaining the lowest eCPM possible by applying constant modification to the bid value based on delivery, win rate and machine learning algorithms.



The typical display campaign will generally have several targeting tactics.

The distribution FLO feature suggests dynamic budget reattribution across line items of a campaign based on performance and pacing in addition to constantly reviewing your daily budget.

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