Click-to-play advertising

More visibility. Less intrusion. Create eye-catching click-to-play ads that blend in with your customer’s everyday content.

Make a scene

What’s the difference between video and click-to-play ads you ask?

Where traditional video ads have earned a bad reputation because of autoplay features making the content intrusive, click-to-play banners are user-activated and can last for up to two minutes. And because the viewer decides to interact with the ad, advertisers can reach a deeper level of engagement.

Why click-to-play banners will get you the right kind of attention

No pushing

Give your customers a more seamless and non-intrusive user experience with a user-activated play button that gives them the choice to interact with your ad as they wish.

Spend quality time

People who live in large cities are exposed to over 2 500 ads per day. Click-to-play ads have a proven higher performance over standard banners and, thanks to their flexible configuration, they create an immersive experience that will engage your users like no other!

Get the right angle

With click-to-play banners, your ads can be up to 2 minutes long, giving you the perfect occasion to create an immersive experience for your audience.

Love at second sight

If you don’t succeed at first, try, try again. Only 2% of customers buy on their first visit to a site. Make sure you bring them back a second time to close the deal!

Optimize your campaigns with dynamic retargeting. This allows you to customize your ads to the last item your customers viewed on your website to remind them of products they loved!

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