Looking for a managed service?

go’s offer goes beyond the platform. go is also a team of digital marketing experts and designers that are trained to launch powerful ad campaigns that yield results.

What we can do for you

Build creative campaigns

Want to launch eye-catching, compelling display, video, or social ad campaigns, but you have no in-house creative team?
Our team of design experts knows the best advertising and marketing practices to build impactful creatives in the best formats to reach your campaign goals.

Execute and optimize

Let us take care of your campaign management for you – you give us your goals, we take care of the heavy-lifting. From building your campaigns, to running and optimizing them across our various channels, our campaign managers are there to advise you on the best practices and execute your strategy while you benefit from the results.

Reporting & consultancy

You want to dig deeper into your campaign results and understand how the platform works? We also provide a consultancy service to help you build your digital advertising knowledge and become more self sufficient.

Why use Go’s managed service

Spend more time on your business

With go’s managed service, you give us your goals, and we take care of the rest. Spend more time on all other aspects of your business while your campaigns are being run and optimized for you. We got you.

Work with digital experts

With all different formats, targeting options and optimization settings, digital advertising becomes an art that takes some time to master. Work with a team of experts who lives and breathes digital marketing best practices and are dedicated to providing results.

Save money

Our SaaS model is built so you pay a flat fee, no matter your campaign budget. Make sure every single ad dollar goes towards running your campaigns and yielding results.

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