Privacy policy for candidates

Privacy Policy for candidates

The information you provide when you apply for a job at district m is limited to what is necessary to contact you and to assess your application. This may include contact information about persons who may act as references for you.

If you are hired, we keep this information as part of your employee file.

If you are not hired, we keep your information for one year after the decision has been made to provide you an opportunity to seek information about the recruitment process and in case similar role becomes vacant for which you will be a fitting candidate. We also retain your information so we can show, in the case of a legal claim, that we have not discriminated against candidates on prohibited grounds and that we have conducted the recruitment process in a fair and transparent way. The information is destroyed at the end of the 1-year period unless we get your permission to keep your application for 2 years, to consider it for another job opportunity. If you change your mind, you can request deletion of your information immediately at [email protected].

You can access your personal information by writing to us at [email protected]  and we will provide you access within 30 days. If for some reason we cannot provide you access, we will explain the reason.

As long as we retain your personal information, it is kept secure using industry standard internet security measures available today. We also apply internal protocols to limit access to your personal information to only the employees who have a need to access it for the recruitment process.

If you have concerns about the protection of your personal information at district m, please let us know at [email protected]. If you still have concerns after contacting us, you have the right to complain to the privacy or data protection authority of your country. 

Last update: October 5, 2020