Solutions for publishers

district m offers innovative monetization solutions and transparent reporting so that publishers can remain in control of their inventory at all times.

Access premium demand

district m offers access to strong curated demand so that publishers can generate incremental advertising revenue. 

 Getting connected is easy with our platform agnostic approach and a suite of products compatible with any setup.

Fully transparent reporting

Get results in real-time. DMX’s dashboard gives you all the KPIs you need when you need them and can be customized to your current set-up through our API.

Get the most out of your inventory

district m’s adaptable header bidding solution helps publishers get the most out of their inventory.  Compatible with every framework, district m’s header bidding is the easiest monetization solution to implement on the market.

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Yield and optimization

Behind our powerful monetization solutions is a team of yield experts that work with publishers to improve their inventory’s performance, maximize their revenue, and ensure higher ad quality and brand safety.

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Reach higher CPM

district m has developed unique high-impact formats to help advertisers connect with their audience and help publishers access high-paying demand. Get more out of your inventory with our exclusive high-CPM formats.

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