Backfill solutions

Is your website is not suited for header bidding, but you still want to monetize your ad inventory? district m offers a variety of backfill solutions for publishers with lower monthly visitors to make the most out of their website.

Leverage district m’s AdX seat

Access incremental demand through district m’s partnership with Google. Our Google Ad Exchange partnership increases exposure to strong, curated demand, leveraging district m’s relationships with premium trading desks and agencies.

Set up preferred deals for fixed CPMs with buyers or private auctions with floor prices for multiple buyers. district m’s AdX is risk-free, as publishers can deactivate the solution at any given time.

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Discover Unified Tag

The Unified Tag is a traditional ad tag offering a real-time unified auction across multiple ad exchanges. It is ideal for sites not using an ad server, or not currently exposed to many of the world’s most reputable ad exchanges through a header wrapper.

Why use Unified tag?

  • With multiple bidders competing in a unified auction (conjointly vs. sequentially), publishers get higher yield/CPM when compared to any single source tag or waterfall set-up.
  • Unified Tag can be set-up in a matter of minutes and validated within 1 day.
  • Our DMX dashboard offers detailed reporting with a full suite of metrics available to provide more transparency on your inventory performance.
  • Unified Tag allows for various exchange connections, therefore bringing in international demand.

It’s the best alternative to header bidding for display placements!

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If you want to find the right monetization solution for your business, we are here to help.