Header bidding solution for publishers

district m’s turnkey header bidding solution provides publishers with quality high CPM demand to monetize their inventory.

Increase your revenue from programmatic

By allowing multiple demand sources to compete on every impression through header bidding, publishers are increasing their programmatic revenues up to 60%.

Fast implementation. Transparent reporting. Top results.

More reasons why you should add us as a partner:

Quick setup

Our header bidding solution takes less than 30 minutes to implement and can be live within 24 to 48 hours after the agreement.

Exposure and yield

Access multiple unique demand sources from one source and generate pure incremental revenue.

Minimal resources

No need for extensive resources on your end. Our yield team is there to take care of all the heavy lifting, so you can just sit back and watch your inventory perform.


Our header bidding solution consists of 1 line of javascript and is compatible with the typical ad-slot configuration on your website.


Our reporting dashboard provides a full suite of metrics so you know exactly how your inventory is performing. 

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Get the most out of mobile

With the industry rapidly shifting towards mobile, publishers need to leverage their in-app inventory to access extra revenue. district m offers in-app monetization for publishers—via header bidding—to reach a wider audience and access incremental revenue.

Interested in in-app monetization?

Don’t take our word for it

Here is what Ranker had to say about their partnership with us:

“We can rely on district m to get competitive bids into our video auction. Since we integrated, they have consistently had the strongest overall CPM for our video inventory. Plus, their team is always ahead of the game and proactive in offering new solutions that maximize our revenue.”

— Robin Strauss, VP of Ad Technology and Yield at Ranker

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