Discover the modern technology of district m exchange

Robust, efficient and addressable programmatic advertising exchange technology.

Robust, efficient and addressable programmatic exchange technology

​Unlock your premium demand inventory

A modern programmatic advertising marketplace with streamlined, agnostic connections to premium demand.

  • Turnkey wrapper
  • Prebid
  • RTB
  • Amazon TAM
  • Private Marketplace
Modern programmatic advertising exchange technology with premium demand inventory

Privacy-first identity resolution at scale

DMX drives accountability across the programmatic ecosystem with leading industry partners such as IAB Tech Lab, Prebid, YourAdChoice, Pixalate and Adzerk.


DMX is a cloud-native programmatic exchange technology

An exchange with unmatched speed, efficiency and agility

DMX is a modern cloud-native and lean programmatic advertising exchange technology. That means fast response times, low cost, and an unmatched ability to iterate.

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Some of our partners for integrations, technology, identity & industry.

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