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COVID-19’s impact on brand marketing.

This month has been a pivotal moment for businesses and consumers around the world. Here is some research and insights on trending searches in the past month.

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This month, media consumption is on the rise.

It will likely stay high for the months to come.


increase in web browsing.


increase in traditional TV viewing.


increase in social media engagement.

Online searches

(Last 30 days)

↘  -84% Hockey

The NHL paused the 2019-20 hockey season on March 12, which explains the sudden drop in interest.

↘  -86% Google flights

Restrictions on travel has left people unsure about their future travel plans.

↘  -69% Dog walker

People are working from home and finding they have enough time to walk their dogs.

↘  -69% Tickets

With Arts & Entertainment shows cancelled, it’s no surprise that there is a decrease in ticket searches.

↘  -65% Bars

The closure of these popular establishments explains the drop in local bar searches.

↘  -53% Airbnb

A few North American states and provinces have restricted short-term rental activities.

↗  +48% Instant coffee

↗  +54% Whipped cream

Ingredients for the Dalgona Coffee recipe recently popularised by the well known app – TikTok.

↗  +31% How-to

With the accessibility of services now restricted, we see an increase in DIY renovations and repairs.

↗  +34% Clipper

Many of us, especially men, have no better choice than to cut their own hair.

↗  +44% Patterns

What better excuse than a quarantine to finally tackle sewing?

↗  +72% Facial mask

Many are turning to self-care to occupy their time.

The crisis response

Crisis management is a process designed to prevent or lessen the damage a crisis can inflict on its stakeholders. It can be divided into three phases:

The pre-crisis stage is concerned with prevention and preparation.

The crisis response is when action must be taken. It includes everything that is communicated after the crisis hits. The most important aspect of this stage lies in its communication methods, which is why social media has become an important part of COVID-19.

We are here.

The post-crisis stage looks for ways to better prepare for the next crisis. In the post-crisis phase, the organization is returning to business as usual.


increase in Facebook users in March.

In previous months, the overall number of active Facebook users was decreasing, with an average month-to-month decrease rate of -2.2%.


increase in Instagram users last month, with the highest being the 25 to 34 age group.


increase in Instagram Stories since the outbreak.

Why shop local?

More than ever, spending in the local economy is what could make a difference.

Here is why.


decrease in store visits in the last month.


of every $100 spent remains in the local economy.


are the largest employers nationally.

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