At district m, we believe we are #StrongerTogether

More than a sanitary problem, COVID-19 is impacting Canadian businesses in a way never seen before. Sectors such as travel, tourism, sports, personal services and local merchants are within the most affected.

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At District M, we also feel the impacts of COVID-19. Now, more than ever, we place first our company value#StrongerTogether.

To be stronger together, we can:

  • Support local businesses
  • Spread the right message

Why support local businesses?

    • According to a report by the CFIB, 25% of SMBs will not survive more than a month due to lower revenues from the crisis caused by the Coronavirus.
    • For every $100 spent locally, $68 remains in the city.
    • Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally.

We are all in this together, let’s help each other.

Why spread the right message?

    • 19 million Covid-19 mentions worldwide across social media and news sites each day.
    • Cases could double every 4 days compared to 8 days if social distancing measures are shared and followed.
    • Measures have been taken by the NHS, along with Google, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to fight against fake news.

Show others you care, share the right message.

We want to help

Let’s remain humble. We do not save lives. However, to help brands adapt in these difficult times, we offer:

1. Free creative building for all clients with adjusted promotions.

2. Free impressions for PSA messages for all advertisers adjusting their messaging to promote social distancing*.

For example:

    • Home delivery services
    • To promote social distancing & security
    • Any important public service announcements

*For more information on our company initiatives, contact us.

Make sure your campaign messaging is up to date.

We invite you to share with us how we remain #StrongerTogether.

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